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At times like this, I wish I were an artist, for only then could I give Ranthar the description he deserves right here. In my opinion, his females are the prettiest I've ever seen on DA. Be they angels, elves, or whatever he chooses them to be, I probably spend the most amount of time looking at each one, along with background and overall concept. You owe it to yourself to see his breathtaking work!

Gator3D has out-done himself with another 3D set! "Fairy Tales: Elven Schoolgirls"
Expertly done, Gator put tons of work into this! Rendered in 4K to 10,000 samples for 133 crisp, clear images! Created with a great story and some of the most incredible ladies you'll find anywhere! The set, along with enticing Not-Safe-For-DA samples are available over at and for his Patreon followers! You have to see it! Here you go:…

LadyDaisy is classy lady who writes very good erotic fiction...interesting works covering a range of situations and subjects! Check the literature folder in my favorites for her work! Even better...go visit her!

"Glow From the Inside", an Amazon E-Book from Trisha! (Mystical-Satori)
Mystical-Satori, formerly, Peach-Pudding, is a brilliant writer who works friendly. Her journal entries display a level of intelligence you won't find just anywhere. They are not always about her. Often entertaining, other times, thoughtful, often both! The most fascinating and unique meme's I have ever read! They will all make you put the world on hold so you can finish reading them!
She is a beautiful soul...a true gem for this world to behold and enjoy.
(Okay, okay...she is also quite lovely to look at. There...I said it!)
What in the WORLD are you doing my MY page, when you could be on her profile page?…
Please show her the love she so much deserves and become one of her watchers! Comments would also be good! Trust me, you'll enrich your life by doing so! She also takes commissions...oh yeah...she's that good!

Thank-you for reading this!
Sunny Johansen



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Sunny Johansen
United States's me. I don't always have it here, because you'll get sick of looking at it. Maybe you are, already!
A commissioned work done from photo by DA's giolove1.
He's very good...quite versatile. Worth every penny!

My watchers are not listed...if you become a watcher of mine, no one will know. It'll be our secret.

"You have one thing that can't be stolen from you...your integrity.
If you lose it, it's because of your own dishonest or unethical actions."

My name is Sunny Johansen.
I'm an active philanthropist who runs my own charity, a food bank that supplies food for approx. 1200 people every week, along with other related branch charities.

I take NO federal, state or local money. I do NOT solicit donations, nor do I even accept them when sent to me. I do it with my own money so I can do it MY way...more effectively.

Spare time: amateur porn writer and nympho, deeply in love with, and married to Blue...the most wonderful woman in the world. Blue and I live a life without clothes, indoors and outdoors. We each have voracious sexual appetites. I intend to write about our sexual escapades, and post links to them, right here.

Fiction: Primal Lesbian Sex

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Appearing in it's NSFW entirety on my blog at
I put as much here as I could.  I would greatly appreciate it if you could go to my blog and read it?  Thank-you so much!  

Also, there, is a little message for scums who have been stealing my work!  I didn't know anyone would want to steal my stuff, but, Copyscape Infringement Detection keeps finding them...and my attorney is getting to them one by one.  

I was on my back, my head propped up on two pillows.  Blue was on top of me, her legs spread, her hips resting on my tummy.  Our mouths were having sex with each other, our lips rubbing, our tongues sliding together...we exchanged lots of those hot, wet, little kisses...purring to each other...

We kept getting hotter and hotter...our kisses getting longer...our tongues going deeper.  Our purrs became whimpers begging for more and more...

I slid my fingers of both hands softly down her back...she squealed into my mouth and slid her tongue to my throat, keeping it there while sliding up so I could reach all of her, her arms over the top of my head...I slid my fingers down farther and caressed her between her ass cheeks...

I could feel the heat from her pussy...she was squirming now on my tummy...I spoke softly against her lips...
"Blue...I belong to entire body is all yours..."

Blue sucked my lips, then let go...
"Fuck yes...Sunny is mine..."

She slid her tongue way inside my mouth, then back breath was on her lips...
" me down and take possession of me...take my pussy..."

© 2017 Sunny Johansen


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LadyDaisyDA Featured By Owner May 28, 2017
Good story above... Love ya, Sunny!
SunnyJohansen Featured By Owner May 29, 2017
Thank-you...I didn't write it, but it says to repost it.  Indeed, the member from whom I got it had reposted it from somewhere else.  That's good.  It's getting around.  I'll probably put it on a journal entry so a few more will see it.

Thank-you for noticing it, reading and commenting! 
LadyDaisyDA Featured By Owner May 29, 2017
I was talking about the small part added to your profile above... interesting story on LE also.
SunnyJohansen Featured By Owner May 30, 2017
Yep...I got that!
The Lit story...that was the first time Blue and I did something like that.  I loved it!
SukiMisaki Featured By Owner May 27, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thx for watching!^^:heart::huggle:<3
ArtbroSean Featured By Owner May 7, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for watching my page! I really appreciate it!
SunnyJohansen Featured By Owner May 7, 2017
You deserved to be watched!
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Thank you so much for adding me to your favourites by MissNickyX  
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